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PLADIFES is a research project funded by the ANR proposing a financial and ESG data platform. It involves the CNRS, the ESSEC Business School and the Institut Louis Bachelier. Read more


Find below the services proposed by Pladifes, the Institut Louis Bachelier and the PARC foundation.


EUROFIDAI databses contain worldwide financial and extra financial data. ILB ones are still under development

ESG Data Cartography

A free tool for all practionners, mapping all conventional and alternative entities having ESG (in a very broad sense) data and/or methodologies

Data services

PLADIFES services include data services for academic researchers as well as access to a network of researchers working with extra-financial data

ILB Labs publications

The PLADIFES ILB dedicated team is part of the Data Lab, a team of experts in Data Science. With the ESG Lab, they provide "consulting like" applied research project for all kind of entities (private companies, public institutions, etc.). Their recognized expertises can be partly browsed with their ESG and Data related posts on their Medium journal.
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28 August 2023
Large Language Models (LLMs)
Comparative Analysis of ChatGPT and Bard in Extracting Data from Annual Reports
12 December 2022
The ESG Data Cartography
Overcome your data hurdles with the ESG Data Cartography!
21 Novembre 2022
Impact investing
Impact investing: principles, challenges and perspectives?
13 Septembre 2021
Real estate
Do pictures in real estate listings actually help us estimate the list price ?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is financing this project?

    The PLADIFES project is financed by the French National Agency of Research (ANR), in the context of the "Investissements d'avenir" EquipEx programs (project reference : ANR-21-ESRE-0036). The project is also open to all kinds of sponsorships, as long as it does not raise any conflict of interest with its missions.

  • PLADIFES main targets are academic researchers, but some of its products/services are open to all practionners (private, public, etc.). For instance, the ESG Data Cartography is freely available on the Institut Louis Bachelier website, most of our methodologies are/will be open source and shared on GitLab, and some of our databases will be accessible to all stakeholders.

  • To date, access to our data is granted on demand. You will have to contact us, specify the use cases you have in mind and fill a contract agreement before using our data.

  • It is a tool aiming at facilitating data providers identification, comparison and selection.

  • PLADIFES custom made data services are restricted to academics, but other practitionners (private, public), can contact the Institut Louis Bachelier Data Lab and/or ESG Lab to get access to the same kind of services (significantly cheaper than usual consulting since projects are at cost and eligible to tax credit).


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